4 Summer Mocktail Delights - 4 Bespoke Health Benefits

4 Summer Mocktail Delights - 4 Bespoke Health Benefits

Catalyse Life Drinks are a range of 4 enhanced sparkling waters, delicately flavoured with natural & botanical flavours. A blend for every occasion, and an occasion for every blend.

Here we're looking at how to enhance, even further, the taste profiles with a healthy summer mocktail - without the additional syrups, cordials & sugary additives often lurking in healthy AF recipes.

1 - The Acqua Spritz - With it's Mediterranean inspired blend of ingredients, here's our perfect serve for 'Relaxation Un-Canned'

  • Use a champagne coupe (or a jam jar if you're feeling extra edgy)
  • Pour half a can of Acqua over some ice
  • Attempt to peel a circle of blood orange zest (or failing that a slice) for garnish
  • Sprinkle in some cardamom pods & dried juniper berries
  • Add a sprig or rosemary & swirl it all together

2- The Coral Cooler- Bursting with Australian botanics, as fresh as the Gold Coast surf. Invigorate your immunity & your taste buds

  • Grab an oversized wine or balloon gin glass
  • Pour in some Coral over ice
  • Gently rub fresh mint leaves together (to release the oils) & add
  • Squeeze in some lime & lemon wedges into the glass 
  • Sprinkle in some coriander seeds
  • Add a sprig of eucalyptus & stir together

3 - The Mayi Medley - Be transported to the Souk's of Marrakech & unleash your natural energy to soar throughout the night

  • Best served in a highball or whisky tumbler
  • Pour in the Mayi over ice
  • Sprinkle some loose green, jasmine (or any herbal) tea leaves over ice (how many you use depends on how strong you like your tea
  • Float in some star of anise to boost to intensify the herbal root flavours
  • Add in two Madagascan vanilla pods & swirl all together

4- The Mizu Mist - Revitalise your beauty regime with this Asian infusion, guaranteed to fire up your tee total evenings 

  • Grab a martini glass
  • Wet the rim & roll in chilli salt
  • Pour half a can of Mizu over ice
  • Slice 4 lines into an inch of ginger, add to the rim so it's semi submerged to release it's gingery goodness
  • Sprinkle in some dried bird's eye chillis
  • Float in a lime leaf
  • For a sweeter variation, add some frozen raspberry or strawberry pieces to give a bittersweet experience

There you have it, no need for anything other than a can of Catalyse & some fresh botanicals & a boujy glass.

Time to Catalyse a Change for You, the Planet & your evening tipple.

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