Catalyse a Change

~Inspired by Global flavours

~Infused with botanicals, vitamins, minerals & nootropics

~This premium range delivers fantastic flavours along with the nutrients your body needs to not only complement your busy lifestyle, but enhance it

~If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to what you've tried before, this unique range is different, not too sweet, and not too bitter

~These cans are ideal for on the go, to be enjoyed over ice at the end of a stressful day, or with your favourite spirit

~With 10% of profits going to local charities, every drink helps catalyse a change for you and your community  

~It's Good to do Good

~Blended in the UK

~100% Recyclable, including packaging

~Plant Based, Gluten free

~Naturally flavoured

~All under 25 calories

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Why Catalyse?

My mission started with a desire to help clean up our oceans & join forces with fantastic charities who do just this... But how?

After 13 years in the drinks industry and 4 spent searching for a healthy, refreshing alternative to alcohol it seemed there was an opportunity to help achieve my mission.

Why not create a range of sparkling water based products named after waters from around the world?

However, my aim was to produce drinks that are different, that are natural, vegan, gluten free, super-healthy with high % of vitamins & minerals, all to help unleash your bodies natural potential. That also taste great.

And so began Catalyse Life Drinks! The time has come to help Catalyse a Change for you & the Planet!

Every time you buy one of our Vitamin Infused, Botanical Seltzers 10% of profits go to UK charities, so you'll know you're doing Good for You & The Planet.

It's Good to do Good.

I hope you enjoy them; please do let me know what you think.

Love Eirian,


Our Partner - Surfers Against Sewage

The ocean is in danger, and we don't have much time to save it. We need your support to help drive our campaigns and secure a thriving future for the ocean. Donate now to add your voice to the roar of the ocean.

10% of profits will be donated to Surfers Against Sewage via Work for Good