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Enhanced Sparkling Water

Lightly Carbonated

✦Delicate Natural Flavours

✦Bespoke Health Benefits

✦10% to Surfers Against Sewage

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Exceptional Blends for the Everyday

Life can leave us stressed, dehydrated, run down & fatigued

Often resulting in too much caffeine, medicine, serums & alcohol

Meet Catalyse - Designed to take you from where you are, to where you want to be

Drinks that Make a Difference

Globally Inspired to Catalyse Changes Locally

This range of sparkling water not only taste fantastic, but are blended with active ingredients designed to boost your day

If you’re looking for a sophisticated alternative to what you've tried before, this range is for you

Ideal for on the go or over ice - we've got a blend for you

With 10% going to UK charities, every sip helps Catalyse a Change for you and the Planet

Vegan Friendly, Gluten, Alcohol & Caffeine Free

Shop & Make Difference

Why Catalyse?

My mission started with a desire to help clean up our communities & support fantastic organisations who do just this

With 14 years in the drinks industry, and 5 spent searching for an interesting, healthy alternative to alcohol it seemed there was an opportunity to cut through the sugary sweet mainstream & achieve my goal

Why not create a range of uniquely refreshing drinks named after Global waterscapes which inspired their taste profile

Ones that are different, ones with high levels of active ingredients to help unleash your bodies natural potential

After all, if you're taking alcohol out of a drink- why not put something good in?

And so began Catalyse Life Drinks - I hope you enjoy them!

Love Eirian X

Our Partner - Surfers Against Sewage

Catalyse A Change with Surfers Against Sewage

The ocean is in danger, and we need your support to help secure a cleaner future

10% of every sale will be donated to Surfers Against Sewage via Work for Good

Time to Catalyse a Change for You & the Planet

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