Get a Summer Glow - More Naturally

Get a Summer Glow - More Naturally

We're constantly told how to look, feel & be better. Often attached to a hefty price tag. Here are some of our lower cost, or free top tips for stronger hair, skin & nails

1- Get Silky - Switch to silk pillowcases to reduce friction, prevent hair breakage & skin irritation. Silk's smooth texture helps maintain your hair's natural oils and minimise sleep creases

2- Strike a Pose - Practice inverted yoga poses like headstands or downward dog. These poses increase blood flow to your face and scalp, promoting healthier skin and hair growth by delivering more nutrients and oxygen

3- Cool It - Switch hot showers for lukewarm water instead. Hot water can strip our skin and hair of natural oils, leading to dryness and damage. Cooler showers help maintain moisture and keep your hair and skin healthy

4- Fuel & Grow - Help your body with cell renewal & the production of collagen & keratin. Biotin, retinol, zinc & hyaluronic all help with this process and rejuvenate from within. All found within Mizu (100% recommended daily intake)

There you have it, everyday, lower cost ways to get that outer glow from within!

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