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Sampler Mixed Case


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Sarah Sullivan
Love these tasty drinks

It's so nice to have something nice to drink in the fridge. I love all the flavours and will definitely be ordering more. I'm always happy to support a small business too

Elizabeth Leadbetter
I love these drinks!

Very tasty, subtle in flavour and not too sweet. I often dislike fizzy drinks as I find them too sugary and too intense but these strike just the right balance to leave me feeling refreshed and healthy

Nicholas Finch
Health drink that tastes great!

I don’t normally like health drinks because the taste is a little off. But these are amazing! The coral is my favourite but I’ve also tried the beauty & energy blend and couldn’t have found an easier way to get good nutrients in

Daniel King
Better than coffee!

Since substituting my morning coffee’s for a can of Catalyse energy blend I can go through the whole day without crashing whilst still feeling awake and alert! I have also tried the relaxation blend a plentiful about of times after stressful days of work and it works a treat!

Scott Marshall
Highly recommend

Love this brand- not as sweet as other ‘health drinks’ and I really like the charity give back angle.