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Mizu - The Beauty Blend- Ginger & Hibiscus

Mizu - The Beauty Blend- Ginger & Hibiscus

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Love it!

Elizabeth Leadbetter
A little spice to your fizz

I really like this flavour as it provides a more invigorating option (since I also have plenty of the lemon balm and the orange flavours in my fridge).

I have a sensitive stomach and can't have much alcohol but find myself sometimes wanting a little refreshing bubbly drink after work or on the weekend and this provides me just that!

The other weekend I had about 3 of these drinks in the evening whilst my partner went out to a boozy party haha. Perfect balance of flavour and sweetness. I do enjoy a subtle taste as opposed to the intense and overly sugary fizzy drinks out on the market and this provides the perfect product for me.

Yoga Steve
Taste so good…

Amazed that something this healthy can taste so great. I can’t stop drinking these!

Delicious and truly revitalising!

Tastes amazing and makes me feel rejuvenated!
Definitely recommend 😊

Brims Yoga
Finally a healthy seltzer which tastes phenomenal

I have always been a picky eater and I am the same when it comes to my beverages. I love water but sometimes I feel I need a bit of flavour to it and this is why I love Catalyse because they taste fantastic and are healthy at the same time.

So far all my yoga students who tried Catalyse loved their taste and immediately asked where they can order more for themselves.

Best drink I have had in a very long time.
Denise x